An interview with Laura Weixelbaum and Lajos Bálint from "Hollóének Hungarica"

Łukasz Garbol

What does the name of the group mean? What music do they play? Why did they have to go to hell?
The answers to all these questions you will find in this interview. In the material I used two short fragments
of music recorded during Jarmark Jagielloński(the use by the permission of the band): "Totus Floreo"
(love song from the 13th century from Carmina Burana) and "Túl a vízen" (old Hungarian love song).

Laura Weixelbaum - musician and artist, she plays medieval bagpipe,
Turkish whistle, flute, Turkish drum and shaman drum.
She says about herself,"I use the utterance techniques of the Siberian,
the Scandinavian and the Hungarian folk music,
and the profane row’s force of the Middle Ages (12th century)" (from Laura's web page).

Laura Weixelbaum -

Lajos Bálint - the leader of Hollóének Hungarica.
The band plays medieval songs and traditional Hungarian melodies.
He sings and plays bagpipe and other instruments.
As he says, Lublin is his second home.

Hollóének Hungarica - music and videos

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